Connections 22-08-11


England rioters: young, poor and unemployed [Guardian]

Guardian data project reveals link between economic hardship and those taking part in last week’s riots.

David Cameron said this week that the riots “were not about poverty“, but the Guardian’s database of court cases raises the question that there may be, at the very least, a correlation between economic hardship and those accused of taking part in last week’s violence and looting.

BREAKING: New Poll Finds that Appalachian People Strongly Oppose Mountaintop Removal []

A new poll conducted by two bipartisan firms shows overwhelming support for ending mountaintop removal within the Appalachian states of KY, TN, VA, and WV. The poll was commissioned by the Appalachian Mountain Advocates (formerly “Appalachian Center for the Economy and the Environment)”, EarthJustice, and the Sierra Club, and sampled more than 1300 likely voters, oversampling in WV and KY, and has a margin of error of just ±2.8%. These organizations are releasing the complete poll to the public, and you can find the full cross-tabs are here. Without description, voters oppose mountaintop removal 38%-24%. Given a brief description of mountaintop removal, likely Appalachian voters oppose the practice 57%-20%. This announcement comes on the back of a national poll released by CNN last week, showing that Americans across the country strongly oppose mountaintop removal (57%-36%).

Singapore: anti-immigrant sentiment countered with pots of curry [Reuters]

Tens of thousands of people in Singaporean share curry to protest anti-immigrant sentiments and celebrate their national dish.

Fulton County makes state news by prohibiting video taping of meetings [AreaWideNews]

“I cannot, as a citizen of Fulton County, sit here and watch you violate the rights of the citizens of this county,” said Nancy Cole, interrupting an Aug. 8 meeting of the Fulton County Quorum Court.

Cole’s comments touched off a tense showdown over whether quorum court meetings can be video taped.


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