Reminder: Suicide was the number one cause of death amongst U.S. soldiers in 2010

468 solider killed themselves and 462 soldiers died in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2010

A reminder if you have forgotten: news, if you did not know.

For the second year in a row, more American soldiers—both enlisted men and women and veterans—committed suicide than were killed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Excluding accidents and illness, 462 soldiers died in combat, while 468 committed suicide. A difference of six isn’t vast by any means, but the symbolism is significant and troubling. In 2009, there were 381 suicides by military personnel, a number that also exceeded the number of combat deaths. [Good:Culture]

Have we had enough yet? The soldiers who killed themselves, sadly, they sure did. But let’s not forget the Iraqi civilian death count: Iraqi lives matter. Their families and friends mourn too.

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