Andrew Breitbart Wants You Dead


Andrew Breitbart said that he thinks of union members being killed by members of the military loyal to the right-wing, during “unclear moments.” Bullshit. The genocide won’t stop with labor union members (history repeating): that’s the beginning as they will set their gun sights on everyone who disagrees with their political and religious beliefs. Notice the orgasmic expression on Breitbart’s face as he recounted his blood-dripping fantasy: liberals, this is a fair warning. Think of the damage that Breitbart has done with a video camera, editing equipment and a media presence, now imagine him with a gun.

  • 1851: Two railroad strikers, shot dead and others injured by the state militia in Portage, NY.
  • 1874: Tompkins Square Riot in New York’s Tompkins Square Park: mounted police charged the crowd beating men, women and children with billy clubs: hundreds of casualties.
  • 1877:  General strike against the railroad companies spread across the United States: federal troops recently returned from the Indian massacres are called out. In Chicago, the Battle of the Viaduct,  30 workers and over 100 protesting members belonging to the Chicago German Furniture Workers Union are killed. The Chicago German Furniture Workers Union is now Local 1784 of the Carpenters Union
  • 1877: The political trials and executions of the Molly Maguires: six men hanged in the prison at Pottsville, in Schuylkill County, and four hanged at Mauch Chunk, in Carbon County. The trial and state executions are the culmination of the violent suppression of workers in the Pennsylvania coal fields.
  • 1886: Haymarket Massacre: A march for an 8-hour work day ended in bloodshed.

Those events should serve as a reminder that people fought and died for what the right-wing is tearing down. You might think that history has nothing to do with you, but the paycheck you receive, meager or satisfying, the 8-hour workday that is disappearing and the healthcare and pension benefits that you enjoy if you get them – that any benefits exist – can be traced back to people who knew real hardship and fought hard (and died) for something better. If your paycheck is meager and you receive no benefits, you can trace that to the fact that you have no union representation, no power. Your employer and the Andrew Breitbart’s of the world, they want you forever impotent, helpless. Are you okay with that? Do you like being powerless? Should I bind you, stick a ball gag in your mouth and strap on the biggest one that I can find? No way, you say? Well, if you hate unions, then why not? You’re taking the big one anyway. What I’ve described is exactly what labor union hating corporate America, for whom Andrew Breibart is a mouthpiece, and the corporate media, that’s what they do to you every single day when they say that you don’t need or can’t have union representation. Take another look at list: all that killing and violence by the state and the corporations against workers: Andrew Breitbart knows that history and he wants to repeat it.


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