Mormons and Negroes behind the Curtain


When I lived in the Mormon capital, also know as the City of Salt, someone left a tattered copy of “Mormons and Negroes” by Jerald and Sandra Tanner, on my front lawn. I think that the intent was to dissuade me from converting to Mormonism. The person who left that book was unaware that I had already said no to a pair of well-scrubbed Mormon missionaries, (they are always in pairs).

From what I remember, the book is a collection of clippings from other publications. The subjects were the Mark of Cain, Blacks and the Priesthood, church doctrine and revelations of Mormon Prophets about the very humanity of Black people. I don’t remember if it mentioned slavery in Utah or Brigham Young’s maxim that he had no right to tell another man what to do with his property. That from a man who sent Porter Rockwell, one of the Danites, also known as Brigham Young’s “Destroying Angels” to slaughter Mormons who tried to leave the Valley. Porter Rockwell owned a Hotel and Brewery in an area south of Salt Lake City known as Point of the Mountain. Today, it is the site of a maximum security prison.

Who left that book on the dew covered grass? Why not leave it on the front or even the back porch instead? Perhaps they didn’t want to stain themselves.

Utah Lighthouse Ministries does not list “Mormons and Negroes” on their website. I wonder why. The book does exist.
Mormons and Negroes

Behind the Mormon Curtain

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I used to know a black Mormon named Joseph Smith.


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