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Any empty mind is a terrible waste


I tried the experiment; I tried to clear my mind. I didn’t start a timer, so I can’t tell you how many minutes passed between opening and closing closing and opening my eyes. I can tell you that a faint hum fills this quiet room, my heart beat is loud and constant and my inner voice repeated unceasingly the instruction to think about nothing. I opened my eyes when I couldn’t take it anymore. Read the rest of this entry


Las Conchas and the Pink Cactus Flower

Pink cactus flower

Pink cactus flower copyright © 2011, by the author of

I shot this photo on 26 June, 2011 as the Las Conchas Fire raged 40 miles away. What looks like rain clouds in the background, are clouds of smoke which filled the sky for weeks. Before Las Conchas, the Wallow Fire, 200 miles away in Arizona, rained down ash, hindered visibility and made breathing difficult for the young and old as well as allergy and asthma sufferers. Read the rest of this entry

Distractions Free Writing


Hole, Misfits, Beastie Boys, Ministry – loud, punk rockin’, industrial, screaming voices, guitars – outward expression of my inner doubts and misgivings; my anger and aspirations all wound tight and kept tucked away from inquiring eyes. I straddle hills, scramble over mountains, eat clouds and fall, tumbling into valleys until I can’t anymore.

Some days I’m like a dead battery. Other days I’m wired and in need of an electric charge. Credit in the Straight World, I want it and I don’t I think as fingers bang against keys … command tab, dictionary for the right word, command tab thesaurus searching for alternates.

And when I finish, when I can’t wring out another word, I open Notebook, to copy, paste and check my work, maintain that chronological list of blog posts, plan what’s next; by that time, the music is over and I am spent.

Writing Everyday: WordPress 2011 Challenge


Yesterday I “stumbled upon” the WordPress 2011 challenge to write and post everyday or weekly. So far I’ve generated three blogs posts, all content borrowed from outside sources. I want to generate create my own content and that is why I have joined this challenge.