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Domnique Strauss-Kahn former head of the IMF and accused rapist of Nafissatou Diallo, is now a pimp?


Prosecutors in France have accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn of “pimping,” in connection with an organized prostitution ring in Lille. Suddenly French Socialists shun him over concerns about women’s rights as opposed to the welcome he received when he returned to France, safe from criminal prosecution for the “alleged” rape of Nafissatou Diallo. French Socialists Shun Dominique Srauss-Kahn after Conspiracy Allegations [Guardian] Read the rest of this entry


Teahadists in the News: The Kids Book of Freedom

The Kids Book of Freedom

An image from the book. Do you want your kid coloring that?

Via the Guardian

“…given the fact that this is a very emotional and sensitive topic and that there were Muslims who were victims in 9/11 [and] who were first responders, we think it would have been more responsible if the language would not have been such that every time Muslim was used it’s radical, extremist, terrorist … All these characters are painted to the mind of a young person that perhaps all Muslims may be somewhat responsible for 9/11 or that Muslims are an enemy.”


Connections 26/08/2011


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Henchmen Broke the Hands of Political Cartoonist Ali Ferzat [The Daily What 25 August 2011]

Syrian political cartoonist Ali Ferzat at work

Syrian political cartoonist Ali Ferzat: Bashar al-Assad broke his hands 😦 - yeah henchmen did the work, but al-Assad provided the motive and the opportunity. Photo credit: unknown

This Is Important, You Should Know About It of the Day: Immensely popular Syrian political cartoonist Ali Ferzat — a noted critic of President Bashar al-Assad’s bloody opposition crackdown — has reportedly had both his hands broken by four masked gunmen as a warning to cease his anti-Assad activism. … Read the rest of this entry